To maintain control of the quality of the entire build, Hi-Tech Legends undertook to invest significantly into researching and developing its very own jigs and fixtures for the purposes of being able to assemble a brand-new steel body for its Shelby GT500.


Every reproduction body is assembled using new and totally rust-free aftermarket panels. The panels are modified where necessary, then properly aligned and welded together in a series of body and floor jigs and fixtures, with each body being digitally measured in 80 critical points prior to being finally welded. Bodies are welded together using a combination of modern Spot, TIG and MIG welding methods, with there being a total of 1000+ spot welds over the entire body. Certain of the aftermarket panels are also re-worked in order to accommodate better fitment of new aftermarket door seals, glass and chrome trim.

The above process of modifying, aligning, measuring and final welding of all the panels on each body is checked against a standard specification, with each step in the process being strictly documented and signed off along the way.

The composite hood, trunk, trunk quarter extensions and side air intake ducts, which distinguish the 1967 Shelby GT500 from it’s Mustang counterpart, are also all moulded in house. Unlike many of the 1967 Shelby GT500 kits available in the market today, the Hi-Tech Legends fibreglass components are specifically designed to fit truer to the aftermarket panels, thereby assuring a better overall finish and panel fitment of the car.

After the body is welded together, and panels are properly aligned, our highly skilled Bodyshop Artisans are then tasked with the job of finishing the body. They do this using the more traditional “coach building” type methods of metal finishing. The result is an exceptionally straight reproduction body which we are confident is the best available in the market today in terms of panel alignment fit and final finish.

The range of replica’s built at the Hi-Tech Automotive factory are known in the industry to have a very high-end paint finish. The finish on the Hi-Tech Legends reproduction Shelby GT500 will be no different, there will be no compromise. A 64-step process has been developed in conjunction with the paint supplier, and there are numerous quality checks done at various stages during this process. Bodies are epoxy primed, seams are properly sealed, and the underside is coated with a high-quality stone chip product while the center stripe and sill stripes are hand painted when selected as an option.

The range of replica’s built at the Hi-Tech Automotive factory are known in the industry to have a very high-end paint finish. The finish on the Hi-Tech Legends reproduction Shelby GT500 will be no different.

There will be no compromise.


Here is where our more than 25 years of industry experience separates the Hi-Tech Legends GT500 from its competitors. With this high end factory manufactured product we understand that our customers expect only the absolute best in terms of driving experience. The challenge in meeting that requirement led to our decision to design our own “in house” fully independent front AND rear suspension using Computer Aided Design and sophisticated suspension optimisation software. The extremely tight tolerances resulted in our decision to finally engineer and manufacture a bespoke front and rear subframe type suspension with billet aluminium uprights. For added safety our chassis are all reinforced, with over 80 additional modifications being undertaken to not only accurately locate the suspension subframes to the chassis, but also to better fit our customers chosen engine and transmission package.


The Hi-Tech Legends Shelby GT500 is sold to you as a complete rolling chassis – which is essentially a complete vehicle but without engine and transmission.

The Hi-Tech Legends Shelby GT500 rolling chassis is a brand-new reproduction or replica of the original 1967 GT500, and is not a restored original vehicle with an original VIN. For this reason, it can in most states only currently be registered by a customer personally as a custom built or replica vehicle. This kind of registration requires installation of the Engine, Transmission and Super Charger to be initiated and undertaken by the customer, or alternatively by an independent installer on behalf of the customer.

Each rolling chassis will however be issued with a Manufacturers Certificate of Origin containing a chassis number, which will assist the customer with the process of registering their vehicle at their local DMV.

Hi-Tech Legends recommends that anyone interested in purchasing a Hi-Tech Legends Shelby GT500 rolling chassis first investigate complexities of their local DMV regulations relating to the process of registering a replica or custom-built vehicle in their state.

Check what you need to know about registering your reproduction Shelby GT500

At the customer’s request, Hi-Tech Legends can provide a list of independent engine installers who can assist with the full installation as well as the purchase of the Engine, Transmission, Super Charger and related installation components. The cost of the installation and these additional items to finalise the build of the car will vary between each installer and parts supplier.

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